Super B  5200

Super B 5200

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Enduro and mx bikes over 450cc 4 stroke with kickstarter or 450 without kickstarter.  

up to 1000cc 4 stroke
up to 300cc 2 stroke  (KTM 300 EXC 2 stroke)
Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, BMW, Super Bikes 1000cc (all models)
all 450 Enduro bikes
All 450 Dirt bikes 
All 450 ATV's Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, 
Super sport 600cc (all models)

SKU/EAN13 8718531360013
Battery Designation 4IFP63/115/85-2
Height (mm) 83,50 / 84,50
Diameter (mm) NA
Width (mm) 113,50 / 114,50
Thickness (mm) 61,50 / 62,50
Nominal voltage (V) 13,2V
Charge method CCCV
End of charge voltage (V) 15,2V
End of charge voltage (V) for endurance (cycle life) 14,4V
Charge current (A) 20A (4C)
Charge current (A) for endurance (cycle life) 6A (1C)
End-of-discharge voltage (V) 8V
End-of-discharge voltage (V) for endurance (cycle life) 10V
Discharge current (A) 140A (30C)
Discharge current (A) for endurance (cycle life) 4,6A (1C)
Discharge pulse current (A) (10 seconds) 240A (52C)
Discharge pulse current (A) (1 second) 300A (65C)
Discharge performance at 20 °C (rated capacity) 4,6Ah / 60,72Wh
Discharge performance at –20 °C (capacity) 4,14Ah / 54,648Wh
High rate discharge performance at 20 °C (capacity) 4,37Ah / 57,684Wh
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