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Super B batteries are among the best batteries to buy. They are going to last you forever making them cost-effective and affordable and not to mention safe. The Super B andrena batteries provide high power, quick charging, and a long, maintenance-free service life. It also has a consistent and flat discharge, which means you may use more than 80% of the battery's capacity and leave your car unattended for considerably longer than a lead-acid battery. Super B andrena batteries possess the following features:


Faster charging: (Re)charges rapidly. The battery can be charged in 5 minutes using a motorbike application. A full recharge using a racing battery between races or heats is possible. They may be fully charged in 15 minutes.

Longer service life- 2000 to 4000 charge/discharge cycles on average. They have a life expectancy of 5 years and can give longer service life of 2-3 years than ordinary lead acid batteries.

Incredible tiny size - One-third the size of a standard lead acid battery

Weighs less - Up to 80% weight reduction over a lead acid battery

Low self-discharge - Less than 10% each year

High starting temperature - High operational temperature range

A patented method of connecting the cells within the battery that is unique. This reduces the resistance under output.

Super B offers a three-year limited guarantee against manufacturing flaws.

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