Super B  7800

Super B 7800

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up to 1500cc 4 stroke

BMW R1200 GS / RT 
Rotax 912 S/ULS 
Rotax 912 A/F/UL
Rotax 503 UL

KTM 1290 Duke

Technical specifications SB12V7800P-CC
SKU/EAN13 8718531360020
Battery Designation 4IFP83/121/99-3
Height (mm) 97,50 / 98,50
Diameter (mm) NA
Width (mm) 119,50 / 120,50
Thickness (mm) 81,50 / 82,50
Nominal voltage (V) 13,2V
Charge method CCCV
End of charge voltage (V) 15,2V
End of charge voltage (V) for endurance (cycle life) 14,4V
Charge current (A) 30A (4C)
Charge current (A) for endurance (cycle life) 9A (1C)
End-of-discharge voltage (V) 8V
End-of-discharge voltage (V) for endurance (cycle life) 10V
Discharge current (A) 210A (30C)
Discharge current (A) for endurance (cycle life) 6,9A (1C)
Discharge pulse current (A) (10 seconds) 360A (52C)
Discharge pulse current (A) (1 second) 450A (65C)
Discharge performance at 20 °C (rated capacity) 6,9Ah / 91,08Wh
Discharge performance at –20 °C (capacity) 6,21Ah / 81,972Wh
High rate discharge performance at 20 °C (capacity) 6,555Ah / 86,526Wh
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